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BoomaDoodle Spa is a small, non-traditional family owned dog spa dedicated to providing quality care to our customers and pets. Owned by sister duo Shannon & Chris Ottowell and Molly & Rob Davies, we can assure you we are not your traditional grooming spa. We are committed to having a safe facility, making sure all of our furry friends are safe. We promise to provide a comfortable experience for each pup and treated as if they were our own. The Ottowells have a Golden Doodle, Darby who loves the water. You can catch Darby jumping in his grandparents pool all summer long. The Davies have a Black Lab, Boone (or as her best friend Liv calls her Boomies). Boone loves being off leash running through the trails. You can spot her in the warmer months on the Shelton Trails around town. 

BoomaDoodle is a full service grooming spa dedicated to the health and happiness of your favorite furry family member. Our mission is to bring love and care to the pets we value so much. Our custom facility designs offer ample spacing for all sizes of dogs. Our facility includes ventilation, outdoor potty breaks and an indoor waiting room with comfortable snooze sections. BoomaDoodle Spa is a fun, safe and loving place for pups to gather while getting pampered. 

Meet Our Team

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